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Some of the questions we get asked the most, all in one convenient location.

Directors’ and Officers’ liability insurance provides coverage for claims resulting from board/managerial decisions that have adverse financial consequences. It also provides coverage for claims resulting from the actions or inactions of any person (for instance volunteers or employees) acting in their capacity as a member or representative of the business. The costs of defending claims and the damages awarded can be significant. We highly recommend that all member businesses consider carrying Directors’ and Officers’ liability insurance.
Yes! Canadian nonprofits and small businesses are eligible for Spark Insurance regardless of association membership. However, association membership can help you save even more on your insurance if your association is a Spark partner. Find out more on our Spark Become a Partner page.
Having insurance transfers the risk of lawsuits to the insurance company in exchange for a premium. Without this insurance, the business and potentially its directors, officers, and staff can be held personally liable.
If you're serving alcohol at your events, this increases your liability risk. Alcohol consumption can lead to injuries, violent behaviour, poor judgement and drinking-related car accidents. Buying a liquor liability policy for an event can protect your business from potential legal action due to these mishaps.

Wrongful third party act means an act which discriminates against any natural person who is a customer or vendor, or employee of a customer or vendor, on the basis of that natural person’s race, color, creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation or preference, marital status, sex, religion, age, military service, disability or handicap, pregnancy, or on any other basis prohibited by law, including the sexual or other discriminatory harassment.

Quebec 9%
Ontario 8%
Manitoba 8%
All other provinces do not charge taxes on insurance premiums.
Average hourly rate for an experienced lawyer: $407
Average cost for a 7-day civil trial: $31,330
Average length of a civil trial: 25+ hours
Source: Canadian Lawyer Magazine Legal Fees Survey, 2015
1. It starts with a phone call; When you call the legal advice line, you will first speak to a Customer Service Agent who will take down some information and ask the most convenient times for the advice lawyer to call them back.
2. Legal advice is given; The advice lawyer will call you and offer general legal advice and recommended next steps. If your issue is a potential claim under the Spark Legal Expense Insurance policy, the lawyer will forward it to the DAS Canada claims department
3. Coverage determination; a DAS Canada Claims handler will examine your issues and determine if it is covered by your policy.
4. Panel lawyer assigned; If your issue is covered, the DAS Claims Handler will forward your file to a panel lawyer specializing in the areas of law relevant to your legal issue. From this point forward you will work directly with your assigned lawyer as though you had hired him/her yourself. Your Claims Handler will also work with you and your lawyer to ensure your claim moves forward in a timely manner.
Tenants legal liability coverage protects against liability claims arising from property damage to the premises of others, which the insured business rents or occupies. This may include leased space, or a venue rented for an event. It is necessary because commercial general liability coverage excludes damage to property “occupied by” or “rented to” the insured business.
An “additional insured” is a party listed on a named insured's insurance policy, to protect that party against potential liability claims arising from the named insured’s negligence.
Email the full name and mailing address of the entity who has requested to be added as an additional insured, and the reason for their request. If the request is in relation to a lease agreement or other contract, include it as a part of the email.
Additional insured’s can usually be added for no additional premium.