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Your coffee shop is the most important part of many of your customer’s day. It might be the boost they need to get their day going, a place to facilitate a friendly chat between friends, or a way to get some work done out of the office.

But accidents happen. If a customer is burned by hot coffee and decides to sue, would you be protected? Or what if a fire damages some of your expensive equipment? Whether you serve specialty coffee or a standard cup of java, Spark Insurance understands that your coffee shop insurance should be made as custom as your beverages.

We offer discounts on the following insurance coverages to your cafe:

  • General Liability (slips and falls, events, negligent damage to property of others)
  • Contents, Equipment, Tenants Improvements and Assets Coverage (fire, flood, earthquake, water damage)
  • Stock (fire, flood, earthquake, water damage)
  • Crime Liability (employee theft & fidelity)
  • Legal Expense (unlimited legal phone line and support)
  • Cyber Liability